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End of the Trail for 401(k)

23 November 2011 - Filed under Educational Information + IRA Real Estate + Real Estate Investment

Don’t be surprised to see news on the termination of your 401(k) plan next year. For a variety of reasons, employers large and small have decided to throw in the towel on this retirement planning vehicle which has been helping over 72 million Americans save for retirement since it was created in 1978.
New U.S. Department of Labor rules go into effect next year, that require disclosure of all the previously hidden fees being collected by Wall Street and the financial services industry. Many will discover why their saving have never grown beyond their annual contributions.
The regulatory burden on the employer moves to levels never seen before, while at the same time, employees are demanding access to their savings in order to gain better control over their investment results.

Even Mr.Ted Benna, the “Father of the 401(k)” has announced there has to be a better way to save for retirement. See the SmartMoney article at:  SmartMoney

Congress and the White House have their sights set on a “New Plan” you’ll begin to hear more about as they search for ways to fund government spending. It’s the GRA (Guaranteed Retirement Account) and all employers will be required to participate.

If you have yet to review the 2011 Year-End Tax Checklist, get a copy  HERE

Begin making plans now to take control of your Retirement Plans in 2012.

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My new book comes out today! And so do your bonuses!

5 October 2011 - Filed under Educational Information + IRA Real Estate + Real Estate Investment + Uncategorized

Over the last 8 months I have been working on a new book with some of the top Trendsetting Experts from all around the world.

In the process of writing this book, we all agreed to reveal our top trendsetting secrets that consistently allow us to grow our businesses.  It was tough to get some to agree, but the only way we were going to do this, was if everyone was held to the same code, share the best secrets you’ve got.

The great news is that we got everyone to agree, and the book that we all wrote together, “Trendsetter’s; The World’s Leading Experts Reveal Top Trends to Help you Achieve Health, Wealth & Success”, comes out today!

Just for purchasing the book on, and helping us get off to a great start, I’ve put together a bonus package for you! Click here to check out the bonuses!

Here is a link to buy the book for $19.99 on

Click Here to Buy it Now!!!

As soon as you buy the book  just send your receipt to and they’ll send you access to all the bonuses!

Thanks to everyone who helped create the new book-Great Job!

Thanks for your support!  Enjoy the book!

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Top 20 housing markets in the U.S.

23 September 2011 - Filed under Educational Information + IRA Real Estate + Real Estate Investment

Here’s a great article on the top 20 housing markets in the U.S.

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Why it’s time to buy Real Estate, not Stocks

24 August 2011 - Filed under Real Estate Investment

Remember Fall of 2008?  On face value it would be easy to feel that Fall of 2011 is heading in the same direction.  The fluctuating stock market numbers continue to reinforce this feeling.  But as I’ve shared with you time and time again, the stock market is not the only investment vehicle available for your retirement savings.

Looking back over the summer at the series of news links shared on our Facebook and Linked In pages, I see a repetitive theme of good news that just doesn’t seem to be getting the press it deserves amidst Wall Street’s mood swings.

Here’s a snapshot of recent shared articles:
- Is It Time To Trade Pricey Gold Bars For Cheap Houses?, July 29, 2011
- Time to Buy: Housing Recovery Is Under Way, August 5, 2011
- Home prices take another dip, August 12, 2011
- Mortgages rates keep falling: 30-year nears record low, August 15, 2011
- Forget the Market. Buy a House – Real-Time Advice, August 19, 2011

Here’s the key difference between Fall 2008 and Fall 2011.  Housing has not experienced the speculative investment that drove the Dow up over 12,000 only to see it crash to 10,000 again this summer.

Housing crashed and stayed there.  Depending on your marketplace, Housing is either bumping along the bottom or still looking to drop that last few pounds.  Very few markets are showing growth which makes it a great time to consider diversifying your retirement investments out of Wall Street and into real estate.

Read more in this great article from Smart

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Strategic Opportunities Exist in a Market of only 65% Home Ownership

5 August 2011 - Filed under IRA Real Estate + Real Estate Investment

There’s been a lot of ‘news’ reported this week which has driven the markets to respond in dramatic ways.  Yes, market fluctuations can have a dramatic effect on personal investments and the overall economy, but we all need to be reminded that we don’t have to follow the pack into panic mode.

You have the ability to choose how you respond to ‘news’.

Response a) panic
Response b) strategic risk management, identifying opportunities

Your choice.

Recent Census bureau figures show home ownership has dropped to 65.9%, the lowest level since 1998.  The emotive “response a)” investor visualizes the American dream turning to dust.  The strategic “response b)” investor realizes that the population has not dropped by this same amount, therefore there is an opportunity to generate income by owning rental properties.

Opportunities abound in the current real estate market with interest rates at all time lows and home prices bottoming out.  Holding real estate in your IRA is worth careful study as a strategic, income producing investment.

For more information, here’s a link to a recent article on CNN Money.

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Cash is King in Jackson Hole Real Estate

27 July 2011 - Filed under Real Estate Investment

The Hole Report for mid 2011 shows 38% of home sales and 54% of condos sales were cash.  Authors David Viehman and Devon Viehman-Wheeldon of Jackson Hole Real Estate Associates note “Many of these cash buyers are realizing a 5% to 8% return on their money, and at the same time buying at the bottom of the market.  Now their money is working for them (income and depreciation) and they can hold onto this real estate investment until the market returns.” The report also shows there are signs of recovery across the entire market with sales and dollar volume up by as much as 24% while inventory is down 9%.

Celebrating 16 years of reporting, this data-driven semi-annual report is the most accurate and trusted real estate news source in Teton County, Wyoming.

To read or download the full report, click here.

To subscribe to The Hole Report, click here.

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Shifting Retirement Patterns & What it Means to You

25 July 2011 - Filed under Educational Information

In a recent article on, Dan Richards wrote about the “Retirement Revolution”, a veritable tsunami of Baby Boomers reaching their golden years.  The changing trends highlighted in this piece are important, and I would encourage all of you to take a few minutes to read the full article here.

Since I know many of you won’t click on the link above, I’ll give you a snapshot of the key issues identified by Dan;
•    Boomers plan to be more active and live the good life during retirement when compared with their parents generation.  To achieve this, boomers will need more savings;
•    An overwhelming percentage of those surveyed indicated that they intended to continue working in retirement;
•    Boomers are placing much less emphasis on providing inheritance to future generations, with priorities shifting to travel and spending time with family and friends.

In summary, inheritance is out; substantially increased retirement savings are in; working longer is in.  Time to plan.

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Thom Garlock, Self Directed IRA and 401 (k) expert featured as one of America’s PremierExperts®

6 July 2011 - Filed under Educational Information + IRA Real Estate

Jackson Hole, Wyo. – July 20, 2011. An elite group of celebrity experts from various industries will be featured across major TV networks including NBC, Fox, ABC and CBS in August 2011.  Thom Garlock, one of the country’s leading experts on owning Real Estate in Self Directed IRA and 401 (k), is being featured as a member of America’s PremierExperts®.  Thom was chosen for this honor for his expertise and success in the field of IRA Real Estate Ownership, as well as his passion for providing education to clients and to all those who chose to take a pro-active role in their retirement planning.

When asked for tips on retirement, investing and owning Real Estate in your IRA in the America’s PremierExperts® feature, Thom replied, “Your Broker or Banker has never had an incentive to tell you that you can own real estate or other income producing hard assets in your retirement plan.  In today’s economy, it is important to diversify and protect your retirement savings from the growing wave of inflation and taxes we are just beginning to experience.”

The participants selected to participate in this year’s America’s PremierExperts® program are forward-thinking business owners, entrepreneurs, professional speakers, authors and corporate CEOs looking to give back by educating consumers.

Thom Garlock is recognized as the “IRA Real Estate Guy” to the 1,000’s of investors he has helped over the years.  He is the Founder of, an author and educator in the Self-Directed Retirement planning industry.  For over 25 years Thom has successfully guided investors to diversify their IRA and 401k Plans away from Wall Street investments and into tangible assets including real estate, precious metals and nationally franchised businesses.

Let Thom show you how easy it is to Own Real Estate in your IRA.  To get started, sign up at and receive your free educational package including: an audio CD, 21 FAQ’s, Webinar Class access and a Workbook download.

Press Release Contact: Meagan Hill
Phone:     (800) 914-2689

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This Week’s Housing News = Good News for Investors

2 June 2011 - Filed under Educational Information + Real Estate Investment

This week’s housing statistics are certainly eye-popping and while it’s easy to recoil into feelings of depression, astute Investors are looking at the news as continued opportunity.  The Case-Shiller index now shows home prices have dropped 33% since their 2006 peak, exceeding the loss in value experienced during the Great Depression (31%).  With numbers like these, it’s hard to understand how or why the Dow Jones is holding above the 12,000 mark.  The answer is simple, astute Investors.

In the housing market context, while interest rates continue to hover near all time lows, astute Investors are leveraging small down-payments across multiple properties, paired with low monthly repayments and higher than usual rental income. It’s a simple equation that’s leading to excellent ROI’s.

The high number of foreclosures has driven many people towards rental housing creating tension in supply and demand which has driven up prices and created scarcity.  This is good news for Landlords.

Finally, the suggestion of a double-dip in the housing context creates more time for astute Investors to follow the market bottom and grow their portfolios.

Back to the discussion on the Dow, well quite simply, similar principles apply.  Opportunistic Investors are leveraging capital on perceived bargain stocks.  Whether or not this works out in the long term is yet to be seen.

As always, I would stick with Real Estate!

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Jackson Hole to be a hub for Sustainable Tourism

16 May 2011 - Filed under Regional Information

The Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce hosted a discussion panel last week to highlight the future of Jackson Hole as a hub for sustainable tourism.  Jackson Hole has been a center for conservation and wildlife protection for the well over a century, thanks in part to the vision of Horace Albright and the generosity of John D. Rockefeller which led to the creation of Grand Teton National Park.  The combined land area of neighboring Yellowstone National Park, the John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway and Grand Teton National Park represent one of the largest intact mid-latitude temperate ecosystems in the world.

While natural beauty abounds, the ongoing challenge for current and future generations is the protection of the environment as pressures mount from growing  population.  With the benefit of a highly conscious and active community; pro-active business leaders and businesses, Jackson Hole is well positioned to establish itself as a hub for sustainable tourism.

What does Sustainable Tourism really mean?  Put simply, it’s reducing the impact of tourism on the environment and local culture.  There are many ways to achieve this in the Jackson Hole area through a combination public and private initiatives.

Already, substantial progress has been made in the construction of trails for cycling and walking which now run north from the Town of Jackson past the National Elk Refuge; and north from Moose to Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.  The long term vision is for a fully connected trail system between the Town of Jackson and the Park providing non-motorized transportation with a tourism route which is separated from busy park roads.  Other initiatives being pursued privately include recycling and waste minimization practices by area hotels and restaurants, a strong focus on using locally sourced ingredients for the majority of local restaurant, and a thorough Comprehensive Planning effort by local officials in which the community has headlined the protection of open space and wildlife as top priority goals.

As with all sustainable initiatives, there are long term economic benefits, a fact highlighted by the Director of the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce, Tim O’Donoghue.  Benefits quoted include: one third of all travelers prefer sustainable tourism, and when folks travel sustainably, their spending outpaces other sectors by a factor of six (6).

For more information, see the write up via this link in the Jackson Hole Daily, published Friday May 13, 2011.

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